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I'm just a fangirl. I just wanna have fun.



Cookies. Spam. Lacasitos. GMAIL. Hands. Yaoi. ♫ and Japan.

! TV
Lost [Sun/Jin ; Desmond/Penny ; ISLAND.FAN]. Merlin [Merlin/Arthur ❤ ; faster, go faster]. Smallville [Lana!HATER ; Lois/Clark pwn3d everything ; Chloe/Clark BFF]. The Office [Kevin is my ☆ ; Jim/Pam OTP]. Supernatural [SamandDean +
; Castiel is smexy]. Fringe [CHARLIE IS MY BF! ; Olivia/Peter]. Dexter [You wanna play?]. Desperate Housewives [Susan/Mike ; macarroni putanesca]. Friday Night Lights [Its beautifullness]. Rome [Pullo/Vorenus OTP]. Kyle XY [Kyle/Jessi]. Grey's Anatomy [Owen/Cristina ; OWEN]. Prison Break [Mahone(sa) lover ; Michael hands].

Bleach [Byakuya/Renji ; Ichigo/Rukia]. Detective Conan [
; Conan/Ai (pure friendship-Ai-angsty-thing!)]. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle [KUROGANE/FAI]. Kuroshitsuji [Sebastian/Ciel ; Yes my lord]. One Piece [LOVE ALL ; Luffy/Nami ; Robin/Franky ; Yohohoho]. XXXHolic [Doumeki/Watanuki]. Junjou Romantica [All]. The Vision of Escaflowne [Van/Hitomi]. Code Geass [Lelouch/Suzaku ; Lelouch/Kallen ; Lelouch/CC ; yeah, Lelouch/everyone, oops, and Suzaku/Euphie].

Coffee Prince ["Whether you're a man, or an alien, I don't care anymore"]. Hana Yori Dango and BOF [Makino/Tsukasa ; Jun Pyo is HOTLOVE ; JiHoo HATER]. Hana Kimi [Nakatsu!fan]. Ichi Rittoru no Namida [Crying a river]. My Girl [Fighting!]. Nodame Cantabile [♫].

Keanu Reeves [my
walk on the clouds
]. Christian Bale [shut the fuck up!]. Gaspard Ulliel [OMG, I mean, OMG]. Adrien Brody [I've already said it: big noses!].

PS1. Oguri Shun doesn't have a tit.
PS2. Laugh with me.
PS3. John McCarthy, Richard Nixon, student, bacon, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe, RYAN STARTED THE FIRE! And you know it's true.
PS4. My personal baker.

! Graphics @ [livejournal.com profile] impulstanz
! 100% closed & 100% Spanish.
! Comment to be considered.
! Add = common interests & friends.

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